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Welcome to the Cat Toys For Sale web site!. Here we will review toys that are available for sale at PetSmart, Amazon and other stores. Although I get a commission from sales, I can assure you that I'm going to call them as I see them, and not all products are going to get positive recommendations. Simple toys that you can make yourself will also be reviewed.

Cat Toy Reviews

Cat Toys For Sale - Leopard Print Ball with Boa Teaser
Leopard Print Ball with Boa Teaser Cat Toy
Cat Toys For Sale - Petlinks System Pure Commotion Electronic Cat Toy
Petlinks System Pure Commotion Electronic Cat Toy
Cat Toys For Sale - Petlinks System 3 Blind Mice Cat Toys
Petlinks System 3 Blind Mice Cat Toys
Round Barn Ride
Petlinks System Twinkle Chute with Lights Cat Toy
Round Barn Ride
Cheese Chaser Remote Controlled Mouse

Cat Toy Reviewers

Round Barn Ride
Groucho - Original Tester

When I was a kid, I used to visit my aunt & uncle nearly every day. They had a farm and a number of cats. I loved playing with them especially the kittens. For most of my adult life I never had any pets. Then a few years ago a stray cat starting jumping onto our kitchen windowsill. She also snuck into our garage at every opportunity. We eventually took her into our home & had her spayed. Unfortunately, she already had the feline leukemia virus when we took her to the clinic. We named her Groucho after Groucho Marx because of her little mustache. She became a big part of our lives. Before I went to bed each night, I would go into our spare bedroom where she slept and pet her until she purred. Each morning Groucho would run to the front door when I got up & meow to let me know she wanted to go outside. I always let her out except on the hottest summer & coldest winter days. When Groucho wanted back in, she would jump onto the sill of the window by my desk & I would open the door for her. I would also play with her with both homemade & store bought cat toys. Unfortunately, Groucho passed in early 2012, from the feline leukemia after we had her only 2 years. It was heartbreaking, but in that short time Groucho made me realize how much I missed playing with cats.
Round Barn Ride
Katrina (Left) & Tori (Right)
Current Testers
A month after Groucho passed away, we adopted Katrina & Tori from the Bartholomew County Humane Society. They had videos of them on YouTube, and we fell in love with them. When we went there, we considered several other kittens instead, especially one named Pluto. We loved hearing Pluto purr, but in the end we decided to stick with our original choices. We were very glad to hear a few months later that Pluto had been adopted. I know the Humane Society is doing the very best they can with limited resources, but it's sad to see such cute, energetic kittens living in cages.

Katrina & Tori have very different personalities. Tori (a.k.a. "The Flying Kitty") is very assertive and has to check out everything new immediately. Katrina (a.k.a. "Bushy Tail" or "Big Ears") is more reserved, and defers to Tori most of the time. Tori loves to play with anything that has feathers, while Katrina loves to play with string.

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